TECH: Technology, Experience, Creativity, Heart... and looking ahead. [Textile machinery from 1964]

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and manufacture complete lines for the processing of waste or out-of-standard materials (e.g. textile, plastic, paper, natural fibers)


Our history starts in 1964 as a result of an idea of Giovanni Dell'Orco and Silvano Villani, who had been involved in textile machinery manufacturing for many years.


Our Present

The technological trends in the technical textiles sector are shifting our attention towards new methods for the production of thermal bonded sound and heat insulating panels in building and automotive industries.

Technical centre

Technical Center

In our testing laboratory it is possible to run tests on our customers' sample material in order to assess the best way to process them.

 Our main objective is to help the companies to produce considering their waste by-products as an opportunity of creation of new products, respecting the environment.


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