We are able to make trials on every kind of fiber in our laboratory to satisfy specific customer requests.
Our experience in the industry and our know-how will be the base to develop with you new ideas, products and to expand your business

In our laboratory it is possible to run tests and produce samples with any kind of natural, vegetable or synthetic fiber. This allows our customers to personally verify the high level of quality that our machinery can achieve and perform.

We offer the customer the possibility to test the opening of their textile material and their fibers, including the reopening of the selvages/edge trims of spunlace, needlepunched and thermal bonded non-wovens with weights ranging from 20 to 2000 g/m².

We also have available a complete line with an “Air-lay” pad forming head for the production of panels with thicknesses varying between 3 and 200 mm, densities ranging from 100 to 4500 g/m² and production up to 1000 kg/h.

Our skilled technical staff will be glad to answer your specific needs regarding the characteristics of the final product with dedicated solutions, adjustments, technical advice and technical suggestions.

Our experience developed on the field installing, testing and starting-up plants in our customer’s factories will help you to figure out the best solution for your product needs.

We encourage you to visit us in our factory and contact us to send your material for testing.