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Opening and Blending

Thanks to our long experience in fiber Opening & Blending, we can provide any solution for fiber blending and fibers metering and design complete lines for any kind of fibres.

Our Opening & Blending Lines can supply fibres to the Airlay Thermobonding Process and/or to the Airlay Resin Bonding Process as well as Carding or Needle punching lines.

The lines are designed to control each component of the blend in the desired percentage through the PLC software that controls the accuracy and the production of the line.

The main features of Dell’Orco&Villani Opening & Blending lines are:

  • High precision of percentage control
  • Saving of low-melt fibres thanks to the pre-opening section
  • Buffer area for blending and in-line recycling of the production wastes
  • Production over 2000 kg/h

All these blending plants are controlled by electronic weighting systems that can blend up to 8 different components with a very high precision. The software system runs on a high reliability industrial workstation very easy to use thanks to simple graphics and user friendly HMI.


Our Opening and Blending plants are suitable to obtain materials like

  • nonwovens for technical textiles
  • insulation pads for the building industry
  • panels for the automotive industry
  • felts for mattress and under carpet.

In order to satisfy all market requirements, we have developed two different continuous blending systems that make possible the “just on time” process of complex blends at high production rates.

This system is designed for medium-low production rates (up to 350 kg/h on each station) and guarantees extremely high precision levels (±1 %) thanks to specifically designed weigh-pans.
Each component can be fed either from bales, through Bale Opener CAB or via pneumatic conveying system through vertical chute feed SVA.
The particular configuration of the system allows the use of feeding devices of different widths (from 1000 up to 4000 mm) in any combination, with the scope of optimizing the production capacities of the various stations according to the blend percentage required for each single component.

This system is designed for medium-high production rates (up to 1000 kg/h on each station) still performing at high precision levels (±3 %).
With this process the quantities of fiber of each single component is metered on electronic weighing conveyors and then distributed on a transversal conveyor to form an homogeneous sandwich that will be opened and intimately blended by a final opener.
Each component can be fed either from bales, through bale opener mod. CAP or via pneumatic conveying system, through vertical chute feed mod. AV/DC.