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BF Automatic Blending Box

  • Processable materials: clips of woven and non-woven; cut natural and synthetic fibers; blends of natural and synthetic fibers
  • Storage volume: up to 140 m³
  • Working widths: 2500 - 3000 - 3500 - 4000 mm
  • Installed power: BF/2500-3000: 5.2 kW; BF/3500-4000: 6.6 kW
  • Overall dimensions: BF/2500-3000x**: 2900-3400 (L) x 1750+**x1000 (W) x 4100 (H) mm; BF/3500-4000x**: 3900-4400 (L) x 1750+**x1000 (W) x 4100 (H) mm
  • Installed worldwide: 200 units
Machine Description

The box model BF is used for the storage and blending of new and regenerated fibers.
It has the following characteristics:

  • Walls of the storage chamber made of prefabricated panels, with sandwich structure 50 mm thick in galvanized metal sheet with internal polyurethane foam filling
  • Spiked apron in PVC with stainless steel pins installed on wooden bars driven by an independent gearbox with variable speed controlled by frequency inverter
  • Horizontal conveyor made of galvanized metal sheet slats that can be supplied in lengths from 4 to 20 m
  • One doffing roll that allows perfect even delivery of the material and cleaning of the pins
  • Transversal PVC conveyor for the delivery of the material, driven by independent motor and gearbox
  • Intermittent forward movement of the conveyor belt automatically controlled by a photocell or a double timer allowing all possible motion combinations
  • Front head sliding on wheels for easy maintenance and cleaning interventions