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CAB Bale Opener

  • Processable materials: natural and synthetic virgin and regenerated fibers
  • Production rate: 500 - 1000 - 1500 kg/h
  • Working widths: 1450 - 1850 - 2500 mm
  • Installed power: CAB/1450: 5.92 kW; CAB/1850: 5.92 kW; CAB/2500: 6.67 kW
  • Overall dimensions: CAB/1450: 6520 x 1950 x 3190 (H) mm; CAB/1850: 6520 x 2350 x 3190 (H) mm; CAB/2500: 6520 x 3000 x 3190 (H) mm
  • Installed worldwide: 173 units
Machine Description

The CAB Bale Opener is installed in the blending plants for medium-low production rates (up to 400 kg/h on each station) provided with weighting scale allows to reach an extremely high precision level (±1%).
It is used for the automatic opening of bales of new or regenerated fibers and has the following characteristics:

  • The PVC spiked apron is equipped with hardened steel pins fixed in internal wood slats. The horizontal con conveyor has a PVC apron with internal wood slats
  • The bale feed conveyor can be supplied in lengths ranging from 2000 to 8000 mm, and is made of heavy duty galvanized steel slats
  • The doffing roller is controlled by independent motor. Its position allows a perfect delivery of the material, even with long fibers
  • The front head of the machine is equipped with large doors with plexiglass inspection windows for the easy access to the spiked apron and the doffing roller for their maintenance and cleaning
  • The machine is equipped with a special device for cleaning the machine with the operator in safe condition
  • All models can be equipped with tilting platform for automatic loading of bales