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BM Cleaning Willow

  • Processable materials: Natural syntethics and regenerated fibers
  • Production rate: up to 2000 kg/h
  • Working width: 2500 mm
  • Installed power: 23 kW
  • Overall dimensions: 3000 x 1900 x 2700 (H) mm
  • Installed worldwide: 430 units
Machine Description

The Cleaning Willow BM is built with 10 mm thick laser cut side frame and its working length is 2500 mm. The beating reel has a diameter of 860 mm (34″) and is composed of 35 mm (1.4″) diameter  steel spokes fixed in an helical way into a steel shaft. The machine is equipped with a perforated grill positioned under the beating reel  for the suction of the dust and small impurities connected to a suction fan and dust collector with filter bags. A high efficiency adjustable device allows the interception and removal of foreign matters such as  iron particles, buttons, plastic impurities, etc. and their rejection into a collecting box. An hinged side inspection door allows the access to beating reel for the internal maintenance and cleaning. The inspection door is protected by an electromagnetic safety lock that allows the opening of the door only when the beating reel is stationary. The fibres can be fed into the machine via a feed conveyor, a rotary condenser or a cyclone.