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BFD Double Chamber Blending Box

  • Processable materials: clips of woven and non-woven; cut natural and synthetic fibers; blends of natural and synthetic fibers
  • Storage volume: up to 140 + 140 m³
  • Working width: 2500 - 3000 - 3500 - 4000 mm
  • Installed power: BFD/2500-3000: 5.75 kW; BFD/3500-4000: 7.15 kW
  • Overall dimensions: BFD/2500-3000x**+**: 2900-3400 (L) x 1750+2x**x1000 (W) x 4100 (H) mm; BFD/3500-4000x**+**: 3900-4400 (L) x 1750+2x**x1000 (W) x 4100 (H)
  • Installed worldwide: 9 units
Machine Description

The blending and stocking box model BFD is composed by two independent “in-line” blending chambers, one following the other and separated by a motorized shutter. With this particular configuration it is possible to perform the simultaneous feeding of one lot of material into the back chamber while delivering the previous lot out of the front chamber, or cross blending the same lot from the front chamber back again in the rear chamber.
The machine is composed by:

  • Emptying head with spiked apron with adjustable speed controlled by frequency inverter and a doffing roll with independent gearbox to remove the fibres from the spiked apron and deliver them on a transversal conveyor driven by motor and gearbox. The head is sliding on wheels to allow easy cleaning.
  • Shutter door manufactured in galvanized hinged steel slats running in side slides and driven by self-braking motor
  • Storage and blending chambers equipped with high resistance floor aprons for heavy loads and driven by independent gearboxes. The front conveyor is controlled by a double pause/run timer in order to adjust the speed of the conveyor according to the emptying capacity of the spiked apron and to the height of the fibres in the chamber

The machine can be supplied with the following feeding systems:

  • Traveling cyclone with telescopic connecting ductwork
  • Rotary spreaders or fixed cyclones controlled by electrical timing device
  • Travlling condenser with telescopic ducting
  • Top rectangular channel with moving spreading flap